Ruby Nozzle 2

Compatible with all filaments PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PP, PC, Nylon, PEEK, PEI and composites with abrasive additives.
Ruby structure optimized | Materials feed inlet adopts 60° conical angle structure, which optimizes the flow of materials and eliminates the phenomenon of nozzle plug.
DLC coated | The nozzle is wholly DLC nano-coated, and the friction coefficient of material hole inner wall is 0.03, which greatly reduces the problem of sticking materials on nozzle head in the printing process.
Composite structure | Combined structure is adopted for ruby and nozzle body to eliminate leakage caused by falling off or shifting of the ruby and improve the reliability of printing.
Hardened steel material | Hardened steel with hardness of HRC60 or above, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, is the preferred material for users who want to print high-strength materials.
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  • Model: Ruby Nozzle 2
  • Brand: Phaetus

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